Monday, November 22, 2010

Me on blogging: The Anonymous Jane/Nez

Sweet thing about blogging is the possibility to remain anonymous. In the social media sphere, we always have to be someone. With a name. With a job. With a status. Bunch of friends and confirmation of our "busy" life exhibited through the posts in our wall/timeline/whatever. What if we don't want to be known by any name? What if career, position, and activities are not important? We just want to share and let our stories be shared. Let those we know in the real world - in the past or in the present - aware of our blog. If strangers read 'em and happen to love our stories, good. Maybe we can be friends. Meet up in a cafe one day and find out that we share a lot in common. If strangers read 'em but choose to remain a silent reader, good. It's their liberty to choose.

What matters most is that what we write could affect some people, in some way. Made them think, perhaps turned into some kind of muse. To write is to share our view to the world. Social media could be the effective media for sharing alright, but sometimes all those networking sites could be too much. Blog doesn't make me feel like an actor exposed on the stage. In my blog I am someone with a name, with an existence in this world - yes I do have a family, I live somewhere upon earth and have a daily routine just like the rest of you - yet somehow remain as an Anonymous Jane. I share bits of my personal life without having to expose too much details. People follow me for what I am, for what I write. Not for my look, my status, etc.

And yes, sadly, people have been drooling too much over "beauty". Beauty, as in everything measured physically: not only look but also money, status, job... What's in a personality? It's often neglected. Some brands are parading around about inner beauty, yet society at large remains hypocrites. As my friend elvnprya put it sarcastically here: inner beauty is for suckers.

So yes, I'll still be blogging - tho every now and then fail to update regularly. And will do for rest of my years. Perhaps I will be moving my "space" around, but I will still be Nez the Blogger. I write, I share and I will be glad if you drop a line, and for my part I will let you judge me by my personality, not what I have or who I am with. (It's nice to know that I'm married, expecting a child, graduated from a design college, without having to know where, who I went to school with and seeing their pictures. Right?)

For now, my sweet readers, this space is moved to No particular reason, I am just fed up with bl**g*r engine and choose to switch to WP's better system. Things will be the same; I will blog mostly in English and sometimes in Bahasa Indonesia if I feel like it. This one? Will remain open 24/7 if any of us feel like revisiting.

Love you all, sweet readers - silent or loud ones - and friends :) *smooch*

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